My first blog award…

A few weeks ago I was nominated for the Liebster blog award by a fellow crafter and Stampin’ Up demonstrator – Yvonne Hunt .   It was so sweet of her to honour me with the award and share my blog with her readers.  


Sowhat is a Liebster blog award?

I had no idea, either!  I guessed that it was a positive thing – someone liked my blog enough to award it, right?

I turned to Google to search for information about it (what on earth did I do before we had Google?)… and guess what?… no-one really knows where the idea started!

I checked with a couple of my German friends – hi Elena! hi Maike!  – and the German word “liebster” means darling or beloved, so they assured me it was a good thing to happen to me!  Phew! 

The Liebster award, as far as I can tell, is simply a way to show appreciation to other bloggers for sharing their ideas, thoughts and creations with the blogging world, and in passing the award on, as the rules of the Liebster blog award say you must, you get to share the love!

It is both an honour and a privilege to receive this blog award.  It feels good to know that there are people out there who read and appreciate my little take on my crafting experience – the creative side of me.  So, thank you so much Yvonne – I am delighted to accept my first blog award and, in so doing, am delighted to pass this on to five more beautiful bloggers who have inspired me and made me smile:

1   Wrightcrafty

2   Spiralz & Curlz

3   Cavalier Crafts

4   Stampin Sarah

5   Petite Fleur Paperie

The honour of accepting the award is traditionally done in the following way:

1. show thanks to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to their blog 

2. choose 5 blogs with less than 200 followers and let them know about your nomination by leaving a comment on their blog

3. post the award on your blog! 


I hope you enjoy meeting these new blogging friends – please visit their beautiful blogs and become their followers too!

Thanks for dropping by today


One Comment to “My first blog award…”

  1. Congratulations Gill, you know I love your beautiful blog ! Thanks also for the nomination ! I feel like I’ve won an Oscar !!!! LOL !!!

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