Halloween, or every little bit a bibbity, bobbity… BOO!

Boy did I have fun at cake class in week 5!  As Halloween was coming up, we made a pumpkin cake… or at least that was the plan!  I ran out of time (again) and didn’t manage to put the face on the pumpkin in class, so mine was more like a Cinderella, bibbity, boppity, boo cake! 

Every week, our teacher gives us a new recipe to try and this time had a go at making a chocolate cake.  I had a bit of an accident getting the first sponge out and it broke in two, so I had to mix up a second batch and bake again.  But at least I got to taste the broken chocolate cake and my oh my, it was scrummy!  Great recipe Tracy – thanks!  

Making the sponges into a pumpkin shape certainly had its challenges, but I had loads of fun trying, and such a laugh with my friend, Claire.  I don’t know what I’d do without Claire – she sure makes cake class fun! 

As I didn’t finish before the end of class, I had homework again.  Just a few more leaves around the bottom to stop the tendrils looking like worms Open-mouthed smile and a black Jack-o-lantern face completed the cake.


The edible bright green glitter was my favourite bit… love it! 

My lovely neighbour, Gill, has two little boys, so I knew exactly where my cake was going!  According to the eldest, Louis, it’s the best cake he’s EVER tasted, although I think he might be a bit biased…   

And my cake inspired me to make a punch art card too … using pumpkin pie cardstock …what else? 


All supplies from Stampin Up.

Thanks for dropping by today


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