My craft space…

I’ve not been able to craft for a while as I’ve been poorly.  I’m now getting back on my feet and hoping to get back to crafting at long last.  So for now, here’s a little look at my craft space… at least part of my desk … oh, and one of its little visitors …

 The lighting is better on this close up, and shows off my new ink storage better.  It’s really a CD rack on its side …

And this my precious PiB – which stands for Puss in Boots, so named as when she was really small she liked nothing better than curling up in our shoes, slippers or boots!  She is a frequent visitor to my craft room …

We adopted her from the RSPCA and she is such a lovely little thing.  She is very affectionate and quite playful and I love her to bits!

Thanks for dropping by today


One Comment to “My craft space…”

  1. Hiya Gill its great to have you back and I’m glad you are feeling better! Your craft room is so well organised and how sweet does PiB look ??!!

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